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Letting Go Program

Releasing What No Longer Serves you...

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with Nadia Piccone

  • Do you feel like "something" is holding you back from living your best life?

  • Are you hanging on to negative memories and emotions that are holding you back from realizing your dreams?

  • Are you ready to identify how you want to feel and what you want?


It's time to "Release What Doesn't Serve You"

so you can make space for WHAT DOES!


 Are you aware that you can create results - in your life, in your business, in any area you wish - by exact design?  This "Power Life Script" program has been a powerful aid and tool in manifesting my dream life.  And it's so simple to do!


Are you an executive, entrepreneur or professional with a desire to explore the depths of Self?  Adventure to those secret inner corners of your soul?  Meet my friends and Shaman Guides Gary Logan and Robert Grover of

"The Journeymen Collective" to find out more...

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