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Nadia Piccone


About Me

Hello Beauty!

I'm so glad you're here :-)

Pink lipstick and anti-aging eye cream are staples in my make-up bag!  I had an exciting career of over 25 years in the Beauty Industry and what I recognized was that authentic beauty comes from the sparkle inside.  My passion is to inspire and empower women with tools and techniques to Illuminate MindBodySoul

I know first hand how daily stress and pressure of a busy life can dull our energy and often manifest into illness and disease.  As a Mom of two boys & two fur babies, a wife, juggling a busy household and career, I forgot about nurturing "me".  Somewhere along my life journey, I lost touch with that sparkle inside.  I was experiencing insomnia, debilitating back and hip pain and then a pre-cancerous breast tumor.  I had my wake-up call.  I turned to my toolbox of gentle Yoga, Reiki Healing, Energy medicine, Nutrition and Self-Care Rituals and began my healing journey.  


I have gathered all this practical and specific knowledge and experience and curated unique classes, workshops, retreats and Divine Woman Circles. 


My passion is to inspire and empower you to harness your sparkle and

Illuminate MindBodySoul xox

"We all want to feel and look our BEST.  Empower yourself with tools and techniques that will inspire you to achieve that.  Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Divine Woman Circles, insightful Workshops and self development programs. And connection with like-minded women. 

      These are all ways to Illuminate-MindBodySoul."

Nadia xox        


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